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POLAR: ATLAS - PCB Insertion Loss measurement system

ATtenuation Loss Analysis System is new test solution for PCB fabricators to test PCB transmission line insertion losses in a tightly controlled production environment. ATLAS 2013 now includes a dedicated intelligent ESD protection unit, new ergonomic probe housing and updated version 13.04 sofware with a raft of new feature enhancements. ATLAS 13.04 software interfaces with industry standard Tektronix DSA8300 oscilloscope TDRs and supports INTEL developed SET2DIL (Single Ended TDR to Differential Insertion Loss) and SET2SEIL (Single ended TDR to Single Ended Insertion Loss) test methodology for extraction of differential insertion loss from a single ended test and suitably designed coupon. Atlas 2013 is compatible and upgradeable to IBM developed SPP (Short Pulse Propagation) test methodology which will be released soon. Also available as ATLAS PCB for performing industry standard CITS style controlled impedance testing using Tektronix TDRs.

System configurations:

ATLAS - Atlas Software with HF Probes and Loss Test Standard
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C Gen Plus—Auto Coupon Generator for SET2DIL Lossy Coupons. 
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POLAR: NEW CITS880s - Controlled Impedance Test System

CITS880s system is the 9th generation impedance test system from Polar Instruments Ltd, UK. It is a solution for fabricators who need to measure impedance on fine traces and thin copper. CITS880s features Launch Point Extrapolation (LPE) that extrapolates the TDR response to a point close to the start of the transmission line effectively aloowing users to measure the instantaneous or incident impedance of the line more acccurately.

In addition to the LPE the CITS880s is also capable of measuring shorter traces - typically 2-3 inches shorter than previous generation of the CITS series. CITS880s now ships with completely re-engineered IPS and IPDS high speed probes whcih reassuringly are precision moulded with ESD dissipative materials to give maximum protection to your CITS.

Polar IPS and IPDS high speed probes are specifically desgined for CITS880s. They combine revised internals with more robust mechanical design and enhancements to the signal path, along with ergonomic precision mouldings in 100% ESD dissipative materials. IPS and IPDS probes are easily identified and contrast with previous generation probes by the use of the blue labels and blue resists on the probe tip interface.

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POLAR: Si9000e Lossy Line Design Simulator

Si9000e—Field solver for lossy line design simulation

With the ever increasing demand for higher speed on PCBs design pre layout engineers are required to model losses on critical high speed transmission lines. Si9000e offers fast, accurate frequency depended modeling of losses on PCBs and allows you to simulate Copper and Dielectric losses, RLGC matrix and S-Parameters on various impedance structures.

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POLAR: Si8000m Lossless Impedance Design Simulator

Si8000m - Field solver to model impedance on multiple dielectric structures

Si8000m uses boundary element analysis to compute the controlled impedance of a given PCB track structure.The tool is used widely in the PCB design, layout and fabrication industry globally. It’s simple to use quick solver interface and the in-built graphic options gives designers a powerful tool to perform complete design for lossless transmission lines. Also available as Si8000m+IM (interface module) for integration with other third party OEM solutions.

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POLAR: CITS880 - Controlled Impedance Test System Solutions

CITS880 systems is the eighth generation Impedance test system from Polar Instruments Ltd, UK. CITS880 is based on robust and proven TDR head technology similar to the one used in most popular industry standard CITS500 and 800 series TDRs. CITS880 offers a robust hardware that is resilient to static and is ideal for use in high volume PCB manufacturing environment.

CITS880 provides high accuracy and repeatable impedance measurements of differential and single ended traces using standard 4 channels to provide flexible probe connection.

Now available with Polarcare and Polarprotect program that extends the warranty and support for the ESD sensitive system.

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POLAR: Stackup Design Tools for Rigid & Flex PCB Stack Design

Speedstack is a simple tool that allows PCB designers and fabricators to design and document stacks for multi layered PCB boards complete with impedance, drill, materials information. Autostack option allows automated design of stacks by specifying key design values like board thickness, layer count, electrical layers types and impedances. Polar has now released the new Speedflex option that allows design of complete flexi-rigid boards. Speedstack now supports IPC 2581 Rev B.

System configurations:

Speedstack - Manual / Automated stack design

Speedstack PCB - Stack design with Controlled Impedance, ideal for PCB Fabricators & front end engineering department

Speedstack SI - Stack design with Controlled Impedance and loss prediction suitable for high speed PCB designers

Speedflex - Stack design for Flex rigid boards

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POLAR: XFE - Crosshatch Flex Enhancement for Flex Circuit Design

POLAR launch new Xhatch Flex Enhancement (XFE) for its 2D field solvers Si8000m and Si9000e to simulate the effects of cross hatched planes commonly used in flexible PCB circuits. Accurate simulations can be now performed for lossless controlled impedance structures using Polar's proprietary multi-pass simulations that corrects for the fine geometries and flex material variations.

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POLAR: C-Gen Coupon Generator

C Gen (Coupon Generator) is an automated tool to generate Controlled impedance coupons from multi layer stacks. The tool can be used in standalone mode with Si8000m / Si9000e or with Speedstack PCB / SI to automatically generate impedance coupons that can then easily exported out to the CAM software for production.

CGen PCB - Automated Coupon Gen for Impedance Coupons

CGen SI - Automated Coupon Gen for Lossy Coupons

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POLAR: GRS550 - Automated Graphical Repair System

GRS550 - is the new semi-automated Graphical Repair System used for identifying faults on defective boards using the time proven Nodal Impedance (VI) analysis by comparing test signatures from golden reference boards. Ideal for low volume high value production or R&D prototype testing and field returned repairs on high density loaded circuit boards. The redesigned GRS550 flying prober now comes with the latest state-of-the-art electronics controls and camera vision system. Other options supported include Active Test for power on functional testing using National Instruments (NI) LabVIEW and Active Vision Test for automatic optical inspection using National Instruments (NI) Vision test solutions. It also supports Boundary Scan Test using industry standard GOEPEL tester.

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POLAR: Toneohm T-950 Shorts Locator

Polar's world famousToneohm 950 helps to identify different types of shorts on a loaded / bare circuit boards. It’s unique Vector Plane Stimulus (VPS) technique enables to identify plane to plane or track to plane shorts in quick time. Toneohm 950 is widely used in the PCB repair, troubleshooting and manufacturing industry for short location. 

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Manual Fault & Short Locators

Polar's world famous Toneohm 950 helps to identify different types of shorts on a loaded / bare circuit boards. It’s unique Vector Plane Stimulus (VPS) technique enables to identify plane to plane or track to plane shorts in quick time. Toneohm 950 is widely used in the PCB repair, troubleshooting and manufacturing industry for short location. More.. 

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