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PWB: IST HC- Interconnect Stress Test System

Interconnect Stress Test or IST is an accelerated stress test method developed by PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc., Canada that overcomes the limitations of thermal oven or liquid / liquid test methods. It has the capability of effectively and rapidly quantifying the integrity of different types of vias including microvias. IST creates a uniform strain from within the substrate and the interconnects ability to distribute and redistribute this strain provides an indication of integrity. The plated barrels and inner layer junctions are “exercised” until the initial failure mode / mechanism is uncovered.

The IST HC uses IST technology to electrically cycle test coupons to determine the reliability of a product. In addition to supporting IPC Test Method 2.6.26, the latest IST HC now supports IPC Test Method 2.6.27 to simulate Lead Free Solder assembly. The IST HC can simulate both the reflow oven and assembly rework station temperature profiles to subject the test coupon to the same temperature excursions as experienced by actual printed circuit board during assembly process.

IST has become the leading test standard for via and material reliability. Top OEMs, ODMs, CDMs, PCB material and PCB manufacturers around the world use IST technology to test new via / interconnect technologies, materials and processes.

The test system incorporates custom designed power supply and high precision measurement systems which are interfaced to a user-friendly application software, that automatically measures, records, analyzes data with displays and reports that simplify the understanding of the reliability of a custom designed test vehicle / coupon that represents the actual product.

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CAF (Conductive Anodic Filament) tester
CAF is a fully automated bench top CAF measurement equipment with RH control, temperature control, V Bias control, custom profiles and remote reporting.

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DELAM - Dielectric Estimation and Laminate Analysis Measurement System
DELAM automatically measures and analyzes changes in material properties that signify whether damage was caused by exposure to the elevated temperatures associated with component assembly and possible reworks

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