The Colenta NG - PCB Film Processor

The Colenta NG - PCB Film Processor is a fully automatic “dry to dry” processing system designed to provide consistent high-quality film production for the range of PCB films commonly used in the industry. The processor design incorporates a non-opposed, submersed roller transport system with minimal contact to the film emulsion and with intermediate wash water crossovers that safely transfer the film between each stage of processing before delivery onto a flat receiving tray located at the exit of the dryer.

Range of PCB Processor available:

Wide Track PCB Processor range, offering 140 and 200 cm processing width.
Processing capacity: 80cm / min processing capacity @ 40 sec Dev Time.

The NG Processor is available in 35, 56, 66, 80, 95 and 110cm process widths.
Available in NG and NGs formats that offer a choice of production speeds: -

  • NG: 82cm / min processing capacity@ 30 sec Dev Time
  • NGs: 115cm / min processing capacity@30 sec Dev Time

In Offline (manual loading table) or online format (auto loading) to support all major PCB Film Plotters available on the market.


COLENTAMC Chemical mixing, transfer & storage console
The MC is a multipurpose semi-automatic device for accurately mixing chemical concentrates with water, for transferring mixed chemistry into the processor tanks and to store replenishment solutions that connect directly to the processor replenishment pumps without the need for additional storage tanks.

COLENTA Silver recovery system Silverfit 40
An automated system used to recover silver from the waste Fixer solution before disposal or re-use, suitable for NDT, PCB and Medical Imaging applications.

COLENTA Easy Clean cleaning products
A specialized range of liquids designed to help operators keep their processor clean and in good operating condition.

COLENTA water panel assembly
Including filter, flow meter, thermometer and pressure gauge. Supporting 2 water outlets, one to be used for supplying wash/cooling water to the processor and one additional outlet for use during service, cleaning and chemical mixing procedures.

COLENTA PC monitoring software
When installed onto a PC, will allow the processor status and working parameters to be monitored remotely.


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DIS: Pinless Inner Layer Registration System

One of the biggest challenges in the production of PCBs has been layer-to-layer registration on very tight tolerance and complex PCB, current pinning processes make it difficult to meet today’s PCB tight registration requirements. The introduction of optical alignment has now made it possible for many PCB manufacturers to move up the technology curve while lowering their production costs.

DIS Technology Inc., USA produces multilayer registration systems with automatic-optical registration of the highest quality. DIS have over a decade of experience with difficult multi-layer builds, more than any of other competitors.  DIS has successfully processed thin cores down to 25um (1mil), sub-laminations with micro-vias, delicate copper foil layers with holes etched into it, Teflon based materials (Rogers and Taconic), polyamide bond ply, and flex boards.  DIS systems can process boards up to 52 layers, having mixed cap and foil construction, thin cores, sub-laminations and copper foil all in one panel. It can successfully weld heavy copper layers (up to 3 ounce) and light copper (down to 1/3 ounce) layers.  

Direct Optical Registration system PRS.

The PRS Direct Optical Registration System allows for optical lay-up of multilayers and sequential lamination build up technology. Three different processes take place in one unit; lay-up, layer to layer alignment and welding that helps to eliminate added tolerances associated with pin lamination systems.

Additional benefits of Direct Optical Registration 

  • Fine tune the lamination press cycle
  • Ability to check the registration of welded panels - pre and post lamination.
  • Ability to determine movement that took place in the lamination cycle and make the necessary corrections
  • Mistake proofing of lay-up utilizing the optional “Unique Targets” software for each core
  • Eliminate tooling of layers, prepreg & foil
  • Eliminate purchasing rivets and associated tooling
  • Eliminate double handling of inner layers, they will only be handled at lay-up
  • Eliminate lamination pins or tooled lamination and separator plates.
  • User friendly operations.


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LUMIPLAS: Wet Processing equipment

Lumiplas S.L., Spain is one of world’s leading company providing entire range of wet processing systems for the past three decades to customers in Europe. Lumiplas provides patented solutions for wet processing applications, including alkaline etching, acid etching, developing, horizontal metallization process (black hole, shadow, etc), chemical tin process, chemical silver process, film stripper, tin stripper, de-smear, high pressure chemical wash, dryers, etc. 
Process: Electrolitic tin process, Electrolitic silver process, etc.




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KITAGAWA SEIKI: Vacuum Press Systems

Kitagawa Seiki, Japan is a leading supplier of proprietary thermal, pressure, control and other advanced technologies vacuum press to develop and manufacture innovative, high-performance, high-quality PCB and CCL products.  

Kitagawa develops and manufactures press-related machinery for a wide range of applications including copper clad laminates, fabrication of printed circuit boards for use in mobile communications, home appliances, car electronics, and satellites. By developing and designing machinery and control systems to meet specific customer needs, we are helping to improve production efficiency.

PCB Pressing Equipment

CCL press Equipment

Vacuum Press for Making PCBs(FPCs)  
Press Capacity 104kN ~ 4490kN
(11ton~458 ton)
Effective Area 720X1260 mm
Number of openings 10 or asper the customer spec
Max usable temp 260°C
Heating Method  Thermal oil  circulation with Heater
Strength of vacuum attained 1.3kPa(10 tar)
Peripheral equipment Automated loader (5-unit capacity) and PC


  • Customised specifications to meet specific customer needs.
  • Presses are subject to minimal age-related deterioration, ensuring consistent high-quality products over its life cycle.
  • Proprietary technology minimizes strain, enabling production of higher quality products.
  • No. 1 global market share for large vacuum presses for making CCL. 

Prepreg Cutting System

  • Kitagawa Seiki's proprietary cutting technology reduces the flying of resin chips and prevents breakage of resin edges.
  • Minimal possibility of damage due to cutting dust being carried over to the next process.
  • Installation of an optional surface inspection unit enables detection of prepreg defects.


Prepreg Cutting Machine
Cutting system Longitudinal Cutting: Slitting
Lateral Cutting: Shearing 
Max PP size Sheet material:
Max. diameter: 550 mm
Max. width: 1,270 mm

Paper tube: 
Max. diameter: 75 mm 
Max. width: 1,360 mm

Cutting Size Longitudinal cutting: 300 to 1,270 mm (maximum 4 sections)
Lateral cutting: 350 to 2,500 mm (length)
Max Processing capacity  30 m/minute
(for lateral cutting length of 2,500 mm)



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SCREEN LEDIA DI: Direct Imaging System

SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co. Ltd, is the leading manufacturer of Direct Imaging systems from Japan and has over 270 installations globally. LEDIA DI Direct Imaging system delivers field-proven high precision accuracy, reliability and throughput to PCB manufacturers with an estimated 70% market share amongst the largest global PCB manufacturers. LEDIA DI systems are now available in India exclusively through UCAMCO B.V, Belgium and Polar Instruments (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, Singapore. These systems are supported by Ucamco & Polar local network of highly skilled sales and support engineers.

3 simultaneous wavelengths
UV-LEDs with three wavelengths are now combined in the Ledia light source. The wave-length range from 350nm to 440nm enabling the energy diffuses optimally throughout the resist layer. The user can set each wavelengths power individually to achieve optimal imaging for resist or solder mask type. The result is high throughput and unrivalled quality that deliver 50µm solder mask dams without any noticeable undercut.

The combination of three wavelengths UV-LED allows different types of resists to be imaged using an optimal output ratio using wavelength modulation. Compared to a standard direct imaging system, the LEDIA enables manufacturers to pursue even higher imaging quality. The system supports cutting-edge technologies, including a high-precision auto-focus function and alignment algorithms that compensate for various types of substrate distortion. 

Low operational cost 
The adoption of UV-LED technology as a light source results in considerable lower consumable cost compared to conventional laser direct imaging systems. Also the LED’s are only active when physically imaging panels, resulting in an even longer LED life time.

Cost Cutting 

  • No mask making costs.
  • Rationalization of manpower by simplified mask manufacturing process.
  • Enhanced production yields.
  • Better Registration
  • No repeat defects

Faster Delivery Times

  • Shortened turnaround time achieved by simplified manufacturing.
  • Easy and flexible process control.

High-Value added Product

  • High precision and high accuracy patterns. 
  • Easy management or control on individual board.
  • Easy Operation. (For skill-Less Operator)

Highest productivity for solder mask
UV-LED technology in combination with multi wavelength LEDs delivers high throughput with the highest quality for your solder mask applications. The different wavelengths have peaks in both the absorbed and the transmitted wavelength areas of the spectrum of the solder mask inks. This allows even polymerization at the top as well as the bottom of the solder mask layer, resulting in a fully polymerized layer with optimal adhesion to the substrate.


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UCAMCO: Photo plotters

UCAMCO offers a range of photo plotters which are renowned for their high accuracy, throughput and reliability. Available in a choice of “drop-in” models for customers who want the highest plot speed, or the finest features (down to 5 micron), or the best all- round combination of speed, resolution and price. With its unique optical system you can plot the tightest tolerance designs with pin sharp quality. Multiple plot resolutions deliver the optimum setting for every image. UCAMCO’s unique imaging functions, syntectic modulation and submicron pixel placement, eliminate the rounding errors found on conventional plots and guarantee optimal line width accuracy. Dynamic beam positioning and the patented stress free film loader ensure an unrivalled geometric accuracy on every plot for perfect side to side registration.

UCAMCO Photo plotter are available in various throughput and fine-line capability models to best suit our customer’s photo tooling production needs.

  • Calibr8tor Series
  • SilverWriter Series
  • BG Large Format Series

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