Yamauchi Corporation, Japan (Represented Only in India)


Yamauchi: Yamauchi Original Mat (YOM) - Cushion Pads for Hot Presses (Only available in India)

Cushion materials are used during heat pressing. However, conventional paper cushioning presented several problems. For example, it could only be used once, and it couldn’t be automatically conveyed because it had to be used in several layers. Top Board, which was the industry’s first single-cushion material and was developed by Yamauchi in 1960, has solved these problems. And now, with the addition of YOM (Yamauchi Original Mat), which exceeds the performance of Top Board, the lineup is even larger. As a leading company for single cushion materials, Yamauchi is meeting the diverse needs of all industries.

YOM (Yamauchi Original Mat) can be re-used hundreds of times at various press machine and lamination machines. In addition to saving costs, environmental friendliness is achieved by reducing waste. It is constructed by glass-fiber cloth and FRR (Fiber Reinforced Rubber) by fluorine rubber with keeping constant pore.

Main Features

  • Single Cushion Materials and Top Board Have Boosted the Heat Press Productivity
  • Introducing the YOM (Patented) with Enhanced Performance That Surpasses Even Top Board
  • Combine Optimal Materials to Match Usage Conditions

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