Ihara Electronic Industries Co. Ltd, Japan


Ihara: ACCULINE II - Portable line width and spacing measurement

Ihara Electronics Co. Ltd, Japan presents ACCULINE II a truly portable, light weight, battery operated, digital line width and spacing measurement system. ACCULINE's built in color LCD display allows operators to make quick, accurate and repeatable measurements for top and bottom line width and spacing for fine line single ended and differential controlled impedance traces.

ACCULINE II is a high performance and reliable product which utilizes advanced micro computer technology and color LCD image sensor to ensure superior performance and measurement reliability. It is a battery-operated tool offering a truly portable unit that makes operation easy at any location including dark rooms with low visibility. The large LCD displays real line images that can be transferred to a PC, using a USB port, for further analysis.

Usually operators rely on skill to make measurements using a microscope and this can result in varied results for different operators. ACCULINE's automated measurement algorithm provides accurate and repeatable results in its place.


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