POLAR GMBH: DVS550 – Automated Design Verification System

The DVS550 is an automated prober for measurements replacing the previously time-consuming procedure carried out manually. A highly flexible, low loss coaxial cable feeds the signal at the probe tip to a variety of test and measurement equipment such as High-Speed Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers or Time Domain Reflectometers. It has options to control external hardware via USB, Ethernet, GPIB, RS232.

The DVS550 can test and document measurements on hundreds of nets in less than a few hours while manual measurements would take weeks of valuable engineering time. The DVS550 System has been designed for measuring signal frequencies into the GHz range using custom designed coaxial probing technology contrasting significantly conventional Flying Probe Systems with a focus on detecting typical manufacturing faults.

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POLAR GMBH: GRS550 – PCB Graphical Repair System

GRS550 is designed as a repair test system, to assist in repair and recovery of expensive boards with hard to find faults which otherwise would end up being scrapped.

The GRS550 relies on the principle of nodal impedance analysis, also known as VI-trace. The board under test is unpowered, while the test probe applies a current limited AC voltage on all circuit nodes. The specific nodal impedance of each net is displayed and compared with a previously stored reference.

Designed from the outset for long life, flexibility and low cost of ownership, the GRS550 will help reduce service and repair costs over years and is suitable for use on a wide variety of PCBs. Customers stand to benefit most if they can answer yes to more than 2 of the following criteria:

  • Make high value-added boards
  • Often introduce new products
  • Specialize in short series production
  • Utilize Functional test or ATE
  • Use Boundary Scan
  • Need to debug prototypes

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Polar UK: Toneohm T-950 Shorts Locator

Polar's world famousToneohm 950 helps to identify different types of shorts on a loaded / bare circuit boards. It’s unique Vector Plane Stimulus (VPS) technique enables to identify plane to plane or track to plane shorts in quick time. Toneohm 950 is widely used in the PCB repair, troubleshooting and manufacturing industry for short location. 

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