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UCAMCO: HyperTool – Scripting Solutions for UCAMCO’s CAM tools

HyperTool is UCAMCO's ground-breaking advanced customization resource for UcamX. HyperTool Scripts are a plugin to Ucam software. These scripts are compatible to any UCAM versions. Scripts have customizable UI and features and load the data on the CAM tools which makes the data preparation work easy as less time is consumed by eliminating user interventions.

SENJATEC a company with HQ in Singapore is a third-party CAM services solution provider, who with their extensive knowledge and expertise in CAM related processes has created specific suites of scripts to cater to different needs for automating the CAM processes for PCB manufacturing.

SENJATEC offers custom tailored scripts which can be categorized into following groups

  • Pre-CAM
  • Front End Engineering (that includes 1-Up, Array and Panel)

Main Benefits of HyperTools

  • Expect high quality output.
  • Less human intervention.
  • Reduce processing time
  • Improves cycle time.
  • Extending the capabilities of existing tools
  • Customizing workflows to your precise needs

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Download list of Hypertool Scripts

Ucamo: UcamX Pro+ - Computer Aided Manufacturing Design

UcamX Pro+ is Ucamco’s latest generation of CAM software for the Rigid, Flex and HDI PCB manufacturing industries. It takes advantage of modern-day multicore and 64 bit workstation technology to set new standards in performance and throughput, and comes with a clever and highly intuitive new user interface that adapts itself functionality-wise as a job progresses through the CAM workflow.

It captures not just layout data but also netlist information, customer specifications, mechanical drawings and manufacturing rules in a single smart engineering database. UcamX Pro+ deploys powerful automatic security tools to detect accidental operator errors. UCamX Pro+ outputs fully-automated machine-optimized tooling for all industry-standard electrical testers and AOI systems, photo plotters, drilling and routing equipment and direct imagers. It is delivered ready-automated with built-in dynamic functionality for a fast roll-out and a fully customized smart workflow. Labor-saving functions include automated board structuring, netlist and test-point generation without manual intervention, & dynamic yield-driven auto-panelization.

Main Features

  • YELO Automatic DfM Adjuster
  • Tombstone and Solder Escape Prevention
  • Secure Etch Compensation with Horns
  • 64 Bit, Multi-Core Parallel Processing
  • Zero-defect tooling
  • Out-of-the-box CAM productivity
  • 100% integration into existing environment
  • State-of-the-art intuitive user interface
  • Wait times on complex algorithms slashed by up to 500% (8-core)
  • Top-notch performance by using parallel processing on today’s multicore processors
  • High-level automation – without limits

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Ucamco: Multi Job Panelizer (MJP)

Multi Job Panelizer is a stand-alone software application to combine different single PCBs into high-yield production panels. It optimizes base material utilization while minimizing the number of different panel layouts and production batches entering the shop floor. Its modular concept and scalability make it the perfect tool for interactive as well as for 24/7 fully automated and unattended use. Multi Job Panelizer blends in naturally with any existing CAM environment, whether from Ucamco-or from a third-party software supplier.

As an interactive tool, Multi Job Panelizer features an easy-to-use PCB placement interface, with neatly designed and intuitive function buttons, backed up by pleasant keyboard shortcuts. Various plug-ins for real-time panel analysis and optimization provide visual feedback during operation and guarantee unparalleled throughput and efficiency during the manual layout of a multi job production panel.

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Ucamo: YELO - Yield Enhancing Layout Optimizer

YELO can automatically adjust a layout for easier manufacturability. It can modify layouts like rearranging track bundles, shaving pads or reducing copper areas manually, cut down your CAM resources by hours. This offers the possibility to use different materials, shorten delivery times or make the PCB’s more reliable.

Main Features

  • Significantly improve board layouts within minutes
  • Cut back your CAM cycle time by up to 30%
  • Achieve superior production yields
  • Deliver more reliable PCBs
  • Slash production cost on every batch

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Ucamo: iamcam - Intelligence Aided Manufacturing

Ucamco's iamcam automates PCB front-end tasks and integrates business systems. This cuts the error rate and the need for operator intervention. It is, by all standards, an exceptional answer to the daily challenges of front-end and production professionals who need to increase quality, reduce errors and drive cost out of the processes. It enables unparalleled workflow automation with rock solid quality control.

iamcam is highly scalable and serves as the heart of any size front-end production operation. It can be configured for simple two to four-layer prototype shops, as well as for the most advanced HDI jobs, sequential build, backdrill, flex-rigid.

Main Features

  • Seamless integration with 3rd party systems
  • Compatible with your incumbent CAM system
  • Web-based client/server front-end software
  • Avoid most human errors with comprehensive range of automated DfM checks
  • Increase efficiency & throughput
  • Save time & money

Ucamco: Intergr8tor - Pre-CAM and CAM Engineering

It is Ucamco’s 8th generation sales and engineering tool. It is used for automated data entry and design analysis in a pre-CAM environment through which information can be received quickly and accurately for product engineering and the purpose of generating quotations by the sales/engineering team. it helps the user to manage his time by facilitating in generating complete CAM data at the beginning of the tooling process. INTEGR8TOR automates the routine CAM work, freeing up valuable CAM engineers for value-added tasks. Integr8tor users report up to 30% savings in CAM time and costs.

Main Benefits

  • Faster, more accurate quotations
  • Web based intelligent workflow system
  • Raise your customer profile Increased CAM productivity
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party systems
  • Faster, better planning

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Ucamco: Photo plotters

UCAMCO offers a range of photo plotters which are renowned for their high accuracy, throughput and reliability. Available in a choice of “drop-in” models for customers who want the highest plot speed, or the finest features (down to 5 micron), or the best all- round combination of speed, resolution and price. With its unique optical system you can plot the tightest tolerance designs with pin sharp quality. Multiple plot resolutions deliver the optimum setting for every image. UCAMCO’s unique imaging functions, syntectic modulation and submicron pixel placement, eliminate the rounding errors found on conventional plots and guarantee optimal line width accuracy. Dynamic beam positioning and the patented stress free film loader ensure an unrivalled geometric accuracy on every plot for perfect side to side registration.

UCAMCO Photo plotter are available in various throughput and fine-line capability models to best suit our customer’s photo tooling production needs. 

Screen: Ledia DI – Direct Imaging System

SCREEN Graphic and Precision Solutions Co. Ltd, is the leading manufacturer of Direct Imaging systems from Japan and has over 270 installations globally. LEDIA DI Direct Imaging system delivers field-proven high precision accuracy, reliability and throughput to PCB manufacturers with an estimated 70% market share amongst the largest global PCB manufacturers. LEDIA DI systems are now available in India exclusively through UCAMCO B.V, Belgium and Polar Instruments (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd, Singapore. These systems are supported by Ucamco & Polar local network of highly skilled sales and support engineers.

3 simultaneous wavelengths
UV-LEDs with three wavelengths are now combined in the Ledia light source. The wave-length range from 350nm to 440nm enabling the energy diffuses optimally throughout the resist layer. The user can set each wavelengths power individually to achieve optimal imaging for resist or solder mask type. The result is high throughput and unrivalled quality that deliver 50µm solder mask dams without any noticeable undercut.

The combination of three wavelengths UV-LED allows different types of resists to be imaged using an optimal output ratio using wavelength modulation. Compared to a standard direct imaging system, the LEDIA enables manufacturers to pursue even higher imaging quality. The system supports cutting-edge technologies, including a high-precision auto-focus function and alignment algorithms that compensate for various types of substrate distortion. 

Low operational cost 
The adoption of UV-LED technology as a light source results in considerable lower consumable cost compared to conventional laser direct imaging systems. Also the LED’s are only active when physically imaging panels, resulting in an even longer LED life time.

Cost Cutting 

  • No mask making costs.
  • Rationalization of manpower by simplified mask manufacturing process.
  • Enhanced production yields.
  • Better Registration
  • No repeat defects

Faster Delivery Times

  • Shortened turnaround time achieved by simplified manufacturing.
  • Easy and flexible process control.

High-Value added Product

  • High precision and high accuracy patterns. 
  • Easy management or control on individual board.
  • Easy Operation. (For skill-Less Operator)

Highest productivity for solder mask
UV-LED technology in combination with multi wavelength LEDs delivers high throughput with the highest quality for your solder mask applications. The different wavelengths have peaks in both the absorbed and the transmitted wavelength areas of the spectrum of the solder mask inks. This allows even polymerization at the top as well as the bottom of the solder mask layer, resulting in a fully polymerized layer with optimal adhesion to the substrate.

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