POLAR: ATLAS - PCB Insertion Loss measurement system

ATtenuation Loss Analysis System is new test solution for PCB fabricators to test PCB transmission line insertion losses in a tightly controlled production environment. ATLAS 2013 now includes a dedicated intelligent ESD protection unit, new ergonomic probe housing and updated version 13.04 sofware with a raft of new feature enhancements. ATLAS 13.04 software interfaces with industry standard Tektronix DSA8300 oscilloscope TDRs and supports INTEL developed SET2DIL (Single Ended TDR to Differential Insertion Loss) and SET2SEIL (Single ended TDR to Single Ended Insertion Loss) test methodology for extraction of differential insertion loss from a single ended test and suitably designed coupon. Atlas 2013 is compatible and upgradeable to IBM developed SPP (Short Pulse Propagation) test methodology which will be released soon. Also available as ATLAS PCB for performing industry standard CITS style controlled impedance testing using Tektronix TDRs.

System configurations:

ATLAS - Atlas Software with HF Probes and Loss Test Standard
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C Gen Plus—Auto Coupon Generator for SET2DIL Lossy Coupons. 
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POLAR: NEW CITS880s - Controlled Impedance Test System

CITS880s system is the 9th generation impedance test system from Polar Instruments Ltd, UK. It is a solution for fabricators who need to measure impedance on fine traces and thin copper. CITS880s features Launch Point Extrapolation (LPE) that extrapolates the TDR response to a point close to the start of the transmission line effectively aloowing users to measure the instantaneous or incident impedance of the line more acccurately.

In addition to the LPE the CITS880s is also capable of measuring shorter traces - typically 2-3 inches shorter than previous generation of the CITS series. CITS880s now ships with completely re-engineered IPS and IPDS high speed probes whcih reassuringly are precision moulded with ESD dissipative materials to give maximum protection to your CITS.

Polar IPS and IPDS high speed probes are specifically desgined for CITS880s. They combine revised internals with more robust mechanical design and enhancements to the signal path, along with ergonomic precision mouldings in 100% ESD dissipative materials. IPS and IPDS probes are easily identified and contrast with previous generation probes by the use of the blue labels and blue resists on the probe tip interface.

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POLAR: CITS880 - Controlled Impedance Test System Solutions

CITS880 systems is the eighth generation Impedance test system from Polar Instruments Ltd, UK. CITS880 is based on robust and proven TDR head technology similar to the one used in most popular industry standard CITS500 and 800 series TDRs. CITS880 offers a robust hardware that is resilient to static and is ideal for use in high volume PCB manufacturing environment.

CITS880 provides high accuracy and repeatable impedance measurements of differential and single ended traces using standard 4 channels to provide flexible probe connection.

Now available with Polarcare and Polarprotect program that extends the warranty and support for the ESD sensitive system.

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PWB: IST - Interconnect Stress Test System

IST is an accelerated stress test method that overcomes the limitations of thermal oven or liquid / liquid methods, IST has the capability of effective / rapidly quantifying the integrity of both the Plated Through Hole (PTH) and the unique ability to identify the presence and levels of post separations within the multilayer board. IST creates a uniform strain from within the substrate, the interconnects ability to distribute and redistribute this strain provides an indication of integrity. The plated barrels and inner layer junctions are “exercised” until the initial failure mode/mechanism is uncovered.

Following several years of intense evaluation, the IPC have approved the IST technology as the first electrical test methodology for assessing plate through hole integrity and for the detection of post separation. The IST methodology is issued in the IPC-TM-650 Test Methods Manual.

IST has become the leading test standard for via and material reliability. Top OEMs, ODMs, CDMs, Material and PCB manufacturers around the world use IST technology to test new materials and processes.

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IST-HC - New Eight Head Dual Sense IST-High Capacity System. Contact us for more details.

PWB: DELAM - Dielectric Estimation and Laminate Analysis Measurement System

PWB Interconnect Solutions Inc. has developed a tool that automatically measures and analyzes changes in material properties that signify whether damage was caused by exposure to the elevated temperatures associated with component assembly and possible reworks. This unique technology complements their IST testing capability. The principles used by this tool have proven to be an effective methodology in determining whether the materials used in printed wiring boards are capable of withstanding the cyclic exposure to temperatures that exceed the materials inherent robustness.

The test system incorporates a high precision LCR (capacitance) meter which is interfaced to a user friendly application software, which automatically measures, records, analyzes, displays and reports all key test parameters

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AET: Dielectrometer - Microwave Dielectric Meter

The key to successfully design of high speed PCBs is to know the right Dielectric (Dk) and tan Delta value of the pre-preg or core material used for manufacturing the PCB stacks. Currently designers / manufacturers rely on material data provided by the manufacturers. The Microwave Dielectrometer from AET, Inc enables fast and non-destructive measurement of dielectric materials of various shapes, including thin-films, by using an evanescent mode of an open coaxial resonator. A built-in feedback oscillator circuit enables accurate measurements with an easy step-by-step operation. Accuracy is achieved by combining a high Q cavity, a highly accurate measurement algorithm and the 3D electromagnetic simulation software.

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AET: High Frequency Probe Station for measuring losses on PCBs

Measurement of losses on PCBs, connectors and ICs require careful set-up of high frequency probes to make accurate measurements using Vector Network Analyser (VNA) or Time Domain Refelectometer (TDR). The Probe station from AET, Inc. has a probing stage and a micro positioner that can be adjusted on the X-Y-Z-theta directions, and can probe samples of various shapes and sizes. A custom designed probing fixture allows the use of air coplanar, semi-rigid, or differential active probes. A TRL/LRM calibration kit are designed and manufactured. The probe station can be used for measurement of losses on PCBs and semiconductor wafers for RF circuits.

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COMPIX Model 222 - Radiometric Thermal Imaging Camera

The 222 is a calibrated, radiometric, real time thermal imaging camera. It requires little power and needs no cryogenic cooling. It uses an amorphous silicon microbolometer detector and produces 160X120 pixel images.

In an IST evaluation, testing automatically stops when a circuit reaches a 10% increase in resistance. The failing coupons have circuits that are still electrically conductive but have a modest increase in resistance. Now, since the test stopped well before catastrophic failure it is still possible to identify the exact microvia that is contributing the highest resistance to the circuit using thermo-graphic techniques.

This process is called 'Failure Location' and involves the use of the 222. Since the failed circuit has only experienced a 10% change in resistance, a DC current can be applied causing the failing interconnection to heat. The compromised via has a higher resistance, compared to other connecting traces and so it will become the hottest structure in the coupon. The thermographic 222 camera allows direct visualization of the exact location of the hottest microvia. The worst case failing microvia is seen as high temperature hot spot on the surface, thus making the COMPIX 222 a powerful tool.

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Front Range Probe Stations llc: Probe Ranger TM Workstation

Front Range offers a series of probing and inspection stations that give quick and adaptable methods of contacting and inspecting circuit cards and modules. The probe ranger's design enables it to meet the demands of high frequency electrical measurements as well as present an affordable and cost effective solution for a wide array of signal probing and inspection applications for both bare and loaded high speed circuit boards and modules.

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IHARA: ACCULINE - Portable line width and spacing measurement

Polar Asia Pacific in colaboration with Ihara Electronics Co. Ltd, Japan presents ACCULINE a truly portable, light weight, battery operated, digital line width and spacing measurement system. ACCULINE's built in colour LCD display allows operators to make quick, accurate and repeatable measurements for top and bottom line width and spacing for fine line single ended and differential controlled impedance traces.

ACCULINE is a high performance and reliable product which utilizes advanced micro computer technology and colour LCD image sensor to ensure superior performance and measurement reliability. It is a battery operated tool offering a truly portable unit that makes operation easy at any location inculding dark rooms with low visibility. The large LCD displays real line images that can be transferred to a PC, using a USB port, for further analysis.

Usually operators rely on skill to make measurements using a microscope and this can result in varied results for different operators. ACCULINE's automated measurement algorithm provides accurate and repeatable results in its place.

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