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Front Range Probe Stations llc: Probe Ranger TM Workstation

Front Range offers a series of probing and inspection stations that give quick and adaptable methods of contacting and inspecting circuit cards and modules. The probe ranger's design enables it to meet the demands of high frequency electrical measurements as well as present an affordable and cost effective solution for a wide array of signal probing and inspection applications for both bare and loaded high speed circuit boards and modules.

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Probe Ranger Workstations

The movable and fixed rail systems allows for full coverage of panels and modules with the help of a number of independent probe positioners. The probe positioner is able to hold the FastProbeTM 12GHz probes and also the SteadyProbeTM scope probe holders and other dc and high frequency probes. Each positioner is equipped with a dedicated microscope camera that is independently adjustable to view contacts or inspect circuit board assemblies. Available in following models to suit your test requirement : 

Probe Ranger 1200 :  Base - 12 x 12 inch (304 x 304 mm), Probing Area - 10 x 12 inch (253 x 304 mm)

Probe Ranger 1800 : Base - 18 x 24 inch (457 x 610 mm), Probing Area - 16 x 24 inch (405 x 610 mm) or 18 x 22 inch (380 x 558 mm)

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