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Dr. Eric Bogatin

Dr. Eric Bogatin received his BS degree in physics from MIT, and MS and PhD degrees in physics from the University of Arizona in Tucson . He has held senior engineering and management positions at Bell Labs, Raychem, Sun Microsystems, Ansoft, and Interconnect Devices. Eric has written five books on signal integrity and interconnect design and over 300 papers. He has taught over 4,000 engineers in the last 25 years. His sixth book is a science fiction novel, Shadow Engineer, available on Eric is currently a signal integrity evangelist with Bogatin Enterprises, which specializes in signal integrity training and education. He is a distinguished lecturer for the IEEE EMC society and lectures world wide on signal integrity topics.

Bogatin Enterprises is now a wholly owned subsidiary of LeCroy Corportion USA., who are world's leading solution provider for high performance measurement and analysis tools.

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Public Classes & Customised In-House Training Programs

Polar Asia Pac in collaboration with Bogatin Enterprises LLC, USA can offer a comprehensive range of public classes and customised in-house training courses and programs to specifically suit your organisations human resources technical training needs.

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AGCD: Advanced Gigabit Channel Design

This 2-day, advanced training class will bring you "up to speed" on how to design the physical interconnects of your channel to improve signal quality and achieve the bit rate you need. We eliminate the myth-conceptions that dominate the industry and show you the right way of designing differential that operate over 15 Gbps. 

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BDPSI: Best Design Practices for Signal Integrity

Build your engineering intuition with this one-day class designed and offered by Signal Integrity Evangelist Dr. Eric Bogatin. In this class, you will learn an efficient process to design signal integrity problems out of your next product, right from the beginning. This process is based on identifying sixx famiies of signal integrity problems, their root causes and the deisng guidlines which eliminate these problems. The most essential principles of signal integrity will be introduced and reviewed. More..

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CRNX: Controlling Reflection Noise and Cross Talk

This 2 Day advanced signal integrity training class thoroughly reviews the design process and principles to reduce reflection noise and cross talk to acceptable levels. The design principles in this class are most suitable for single-ended and differential designs under 2 Gbps. Design rules for robust design, routing topology and termination strategy are some of the questions answered in this class. More..

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SPSI: S Parameters for SI

This two-day class, designed and offered by Signal Integrity Evangelist Dr. Eric Bogatin, shows you how to unlock the power of S-Parameters for signal integrity applications. This class enables you to tap into the secrets locked inside S-Parameters and walks through the details of interpreting the measured or simulated results of 1-port, 2-port, or 4-port S-Parameters as single ended, differential in the frequency domain and the time domain.

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PDN: Power Delivery Networks

This one-day class shows you how to design power distribution networks including board stack up, capacitor selection and mounting design. There are many myths associated with power integrity: just use 3 capacitors per pin, use as large a capacitor value as you can, stack capacitors on top of each other to get them closer to the device, or use short surface traces from the capacitor to the power pin. The way to separate myth from reality is by putting in the numbers. A key feature of this class is illustrating how to apply analysis tools such as rules of thumb, approximations, SPICE and 3D field solvers to provide guidance in achieving first time success. More..

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